Course of Mechanical Engineering

_The students of the department are expected to study how to design and manufacturing a wide variety of machines and products efficiently and accurately. The department affords the
students the basic subjects such as strength of materials and processing, thermal and fluid theories, mechanism and so on. In addition, the students are required to master practical skills and application of theory to practice as well
as technical knowledge through experiments, workshop practice, and mechanical drawing.
_As automation increases in industry, the content of mechanical engineering is becoming to have a closer relationship with the fields of electrical, electronic and information engineering. In order to keep abreast with such situation, the department provides such subjects as information processing and CAD on a basis of the machine related subjects mentioned above. Thereby it will become possible to improve the efficiency of data processing and analysis in experiments, and design and drawing. Furthermore, it provides basic subjects relating to electricity, control and information such as microcomputer control and mechatronics so that students can acquire a broad range of knowledge.
_The students are cultivated to become competent engineers with creativity, synthetic judgment and application through mutual contacts with teachers and classmates making graduation researches.

Department of Mechanical Engineering



Subjects Credits Credits by Year
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Information Processing I 2 2
Information Processing II 1 1
Information Processing III 1 1
Information Processing IV 1 1
Applied Mathematics 5 3 2
Advanced Physics 4 2 2
Material Chemistry 1 1
Strength of Materials I 2 2
Strength of Materials II 2 2
Engineering Materials I 2 2
Engineering Materials II 1 1
Dynamics for Engineering 2 2
Dynamics of Machinery I 1 1
Dynamics of Machinery II 1 1
Machine Element Design 2 2
Manufacturing Technology I 2 2
Manufacturing Technology II 1 1
Precision Processing 1 1
Thermodynamics 2 2
Exercises in Thermodynamics 1 1
Hydraulics 2 2
Exercises in Hydraulics 1 1
Mechanism 1 1
Microprocessors for Control 1 1
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I 1 1
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering II 1 1
Control Engineering 2 2
Numerical Analysis 1 1
Mechatronics 1 1
Electronic Circuit 1 1
Technical English 1 1
Experiments on Mechanical Engineering I 3 3
Experiments on Mechanical Engineering II 2 2
Workshop Practice on Mechanical Engineering I 2 2
Workshop Practice on Mechanical Engineering II 1.5 1.5
Graduation Research 11.5 11.5
Elementary Drawing 2 2
Machine Drafting 2 2
Workshop Practice on Drawing and Production 4 4
Machine Design and Drafting I 4 4
Machine Design and Drafting II 3 3
Creating Practice 1 1
Mechanical Engineering Seminar 2 2
Credits Required 86 6 6.5 16 29 28.5


Teaching Staff and Specialties


Name Title Degree Specialties Seeds
ARAFUNE, Hiroyuki Associate Professor D. Sc. Material Science, Analytical Chemistry
IKARASHI, Yukinori Associate Professor M. Eng. Material Engineering
ENDO, Hiroki Assistant Professor D. Eng. 3D printing, Wind / Hydro Energy
ONODERA, Ryoji Professor D. Eng. Instrumentation & Control, Medical and Welfare Engineering
KONNO, Ken-ichi Assistant Professor D. Eng. Biomechanics
SASAKI, Hiroyuki Associate Professor D. Sc. Tech Robotics
SHISHIDO, Michiaki Professor
Professional Eng.
Medical Engineering
TAKEMURA, Manabu Professor M. Eng. Mathematical Planning
MOTOHASHI, Hajime Part-time Professor D. Eng. Wind Power & Micro Hydropower
YABUKI, Masuhisa Associate Professor D. Eng. Vacuum Engineering
WADA, Masato Associate Professor D. Eng. Soft Robotics, Mechanics, Tribology