Department of Control and Information Systems Engineering

_The mechatronics technology, which is the amalgamation of electronic, mechanical, and computer technologies, is a precise and complex technology that symbolises highlevel technologies. It is very widely applied to production facilities, transportation, construction, medical treatment, agriculture and fishery as well as to life-associated products like home appliances and automobiles. Our department was established in 1990 to respond to such development of the mechatronics and to cultivate practical engineers who would be involved in a wide range of technological fi elds created by the unifi cation of electronic, mechanical, information processing (computer application), and controlling technologies.
_At our department, students systematically master subjects like control engineering, electronic instrumentation, and control by microcomputers, which are needed to develop and design automatic machineries represented by the robot, in addition to mastering such basic subjects as electric and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, programming languages, information engineering and so on. Furthermore, the department conducts individual instructions for the graduation research, aiming at improving students’ comprehensive abilities for applications. We also cultivate their abilities to succeed in the nationwide tests, for example, Information Processor’s Test, Test of Practical English and others.

Department of Control and Information Systems Engineering Department of Control and Information Systems Engineering



Subjects Credits Credits by Year
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Programming Language 3 2 1
Software Engineering 2 2
Applied Mathematics 5 3 2
Advanced Physics 4 2 2
Information Processing 1 1
Signal Processing 2 2
Computer Network 1 1
Data Structure 2 2
Introduction to Hardware 1 1
Practice on Programming 1 1
Fundamentals of Robot Mechanics 2 2
Strength of Materials 1 1
Robot Kinematics 1 1
Numerical Analysis 2 2
Electrical Engineering 2 2
Microcommputer 2 2
Logic Circuits 2 2
Electronic Circuits 2 2
Practice on Electrical Engineering 2 2
Control Engineering I 1 1
Control Engineering II 2 2
Instrumentation Engineering 2 2
Robotics I 1 1
Technical English 2 1 1
Experiments on Control and Information Enginnering 9 2 3 2 2
Graduation Research 12 12
Mechanical/Electrical Drawing 5 2 2 1
Creating Practice 1 1
Creative Enginnering Seminar 2 2
Information Theory 2 2
Credits Required 77 5 7 15 28 22
Practice on Algorithm 1 1
Hydraulics 1
Practice on Information Processing 2 2
Thermal Engineering 2
Information Communication Engineering 2 2
System Control 2
Image Processing 2 2
Biomechanics 2
Optimization Theory 2 2
Robotics II 2
Credits Required 9 3 6
Credits Required 86 5 7 15 31 28


Teaching Staff and Specialties

Name Title Degree Specialties
YOSHIZUMI, Keiichi Professor B. Sc. Information Science
YANAGIMOTO, Kensaku Professor D. Eng. Control Engineering, Acoustical Engineering
WATANABE, Seiji Professor D. Eng. Digital Signal Processing
ANZAI, Hiroki Associate Professor D. Eng. Computational Electromagnetics
MIMURA, Yasunari Associate Professor Ph. D. Computational Mechanics
SHISHIDO, Michiaki Associate Professor D. Eng.
Professional Eng.
Medical Engineering
NISHIYAMA, Katsuhiko Associate Professor D. Eng. Nano-Bio Process Simulation Engineering
YASUDA, Arata Associate Professor D. Eng. Electronic and Optical Measurement Technology
UTSUMI, Satoshi Associate Professor Ph. D. Computer Network
Kim Jeyeon Assistant Professor D. Eng. Positioning, Sensing
NAKAYAMA, Toshio Assistant Professor Ph. D. Control Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics
MIYAZAKI, Takao Part-time Professor D. Eng. Electro-Optics, Instrumentation Engineering


Part-time Lecturer

Name Subjects
GOTO, Makoto Mechanical/Electrical Drawing
SATO, Kenji Experiments for Control & Information Engineering
SHIRONO, Keiichi Hydraulics
Technical English