Course of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

_The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has three educational goals : “electronics”, “information and communication”, and “electric energy”. These are essential in modern society.
_And it aims to train creative and all-round engineers who are active in the rapidly developing industrial world, studying wellbalanced curriculum.
_To be specific, the students can study both analog and digital technology from basics to electrical applications. That is, they can study how to use electronics and microcomputers that are closely related to home electronic products, automated computer control which produces good industrial products efficiently, information or data processing concerning control, communication, image processing, and the generation of electric energy that is essential for moving electric or electronic equipment and computers.
_Especially in computers, they can study not only hardware but also software. They can study both sides that are essential for their use. Besides, they can qualify as chief electricians based on electric industrial law by taking electives in the upper grades.
_In addition to lessons in the classroom, they are going to have on-the-job training and a factory tour in order to enlarge their experience. In the fi fth grade, the students choose a theme
and learn how to carry out the research and how to prepare a thesis while receiving a personal, quality education from the instructor. The students can learn to cultivate their creative power.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering



Subjects Credits Credits by Year
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Information Processing 4 1 1 1 1
Practice on Programming 1 1
Applied Mathematics 5 3 2
Advanced Physics 4 2 2
Electromagnetism 4 2 2
Practice on Electromagnetism 1 1
Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 1 1
Electric Circuit 5 1 2 2
Practice on Electric Circuit 1 1
Electrical and Electronic Materials 2 2
Electrical Machinery I 1 1
Power Generation and Transformation 2 2
Telecommunication 2 2
Computer Network 1 1
Computer Engineering 2 2
Control Engineering 2 2
Electronics 2 2
Electronic Circuit 2 2
Practice on Electronic Circuit 1 1
Digital Circuit 2 2
Electrical and Electronic Instrumentation 2 2
Technical English 1 1
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering 1 1
Creating Practice 3 3
Elementary Experiments on Electrical and Electronic Engineering 1 1
Experiments on Electrical and Electronic Engineering 8 3 3 2
Graduation Research 10 10
Drawing for Electrical and Electronic Engineering 3 2 1
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Seminar 2 2
Credits Required 76 5 7 15 26 23
Digital Signal Processing 2 2
High Voltage Engineering 2
Opto-Electronics Applications 1 1
Electrical Machinery II 1
Practice of Network 1 1
Power Electronics 1
Software Engineering 1 1
Law and Regulation Electricity and management of Electrical Systems 1
Network Systems 2 2
Power Transmission Distribution 2
Electronic Circuit Design 1 1
Design of Electrical Machines 1
Microcomputer 2 2
Electrical Applications 2
Credits Required 10 4 6
Total Credits Required 86 5 7 15 30 29


Teaching Staff and Specialties

Name Title Degree Specialties Seeds
ITO, Erika Assistant Professor D.Agr. Civil engineering and environmental systems
UCHIYAMA, Kiyoshi Professor D.Eng. Electrical and Electronic Materials
KANDA, Kazuya Professor D.Eng. Sensor Electronics
SAKURABA, Takahiro Assistant Professor D.Eng. Control Engineering
TANAKA, Masaru Associate Professor M.Eng. Electrical and Electronic Materials
TRAN HUU THANG Associate Professor D.Eng. Electric Power Engineering
HOGA, Takeshi Professor D.Eng. Electrical and Electronic Materials
HOSHINA, Shinichiro Associate Professor D.Eng. Microwave Technology
MORIYA, Katsuhiko Professor D.Eng. Electrical and Electronic Materials
WATANABE, Seiji Professor D.Eng. Digital Signal Processing