Department of General Science

_In order to become an excellent practical engineer who plays an active part in the industrial world of high-technology, improving humanity by the broad knowledge and abundant culture, as well as acquiring the special knowledge and skills, is necessary. For this purpose the teaching staff at the department of general science is in charge of the following general subjects.
_The general subjects consist of basic special subjects and liberal arts. The former aims at developing the fundamental ability to understand various problems in each special field accurately and deal with them flexibly. The latter aims at developing the ability to keep up with the internationalization of the industrial world and producing members of society who have good hearts and sound minds. More liberal arts are taught in the lower grades, but some are taught in all the grades. The general subjects play a very important role in training excellent engineers.

Department of General Science Department of General Science



Subjects Credits Credits by Year
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
History I 3 3
History II 1 1
Geography 3 3
Ethics 2 2
Politics & Economics 2 2
Mathematics I 11 4 4 3
Mathematics II 6 2 2 2
Physics 5 3 2
Chemistry 4 3 1
Biology 1 1
Arts 1 1
Music 1 1
Health & Physical Education 10 3 2 2 2 1
Japanese 9 3 3 3
English I 10 3 3 2 2
English II 8 3 3 2
German 4 2 2
Language Seminar 1 1
Credits Required 82 27 26 19 6 4

* Every student (1st to 3rd year) is required to take part in homeroom activities other than general subjects. Credit hour is 30 a year, 90 in total.

Teaching Staff and Specialties

Name Title Degree Specialties
SATO, Hiroshi Professor M. Sc. Combinatorics
SAWA, Hiroshi Professor M. Ed. Physical Geography, Geomorphology, Research for Active Fault
KUBOTA, Shinji Professor M. A. German Literature
UEMATSU, Kazuhiro Professor D. Sc. Algebraic Geometry, Complex Geometry
TANABE, Eiichiro Associate Professor M. Ed. English Linguistics, Applied Linguistics
HONMA, Koji Associate Professor B. PE. Rugby Football
KADA, Kenichiro Associate Professor M. A. Japanese Literature
YAMADA, Mitsuaki Associate Professor D. A. Japanese History
ABE, Hideki Associate Professor MA Phonetics
English Phonetics and Phonology, L2 Phonology
NONOMURA, Kazuaki Associate Professor D. Sc. Ring Theory
SAITO, Natsumi Associate Professor D. Phar. Genome Science
KIMURA, Taro Lecturer D. Sc. Differential Geometry
SHUHAMA, Yuji Lecturer M. Ed. English Linguistics, Applied Linguistics
TASAKA, Fuminori Lecturer D. Sc. Group Theory
TOKUNAGA, Shintaro Assistant Professor M. A. English, International Exchange
OHNISHI, Hiromasa Assistant Professor D. Sc. Theoretical Solid State Physics
MIURA, Takashi Assistant Professor D. Sc. Number Theory
MORIKI, Miho Assistant Professor M. A. Japanese Literature
MATSUHASHI, Shota Assistant Professor M. CS. SS. Rugby football Methodlogy, Training Methodlogy


Part-time Lecturer

Name Subjects
HOSHINO, Toshinobu
Chemistry, Biology
SUZUKI, Kenji Physics
EGAWA, Mitsuru Arts
KADOWAKI, Hiroko Music
ITO, Kenji
MURATA, Hisatada
HIRUMA, Kosuke
Health & Physical Education
ARICHI, Chieko Japanese
KOMATSU, Akitoshi
Paul Hopkins
HASEGAWA, Sachiko English
Japanese I
TOGASHI, Megumi English
Japanese II
KIKUCHI, Zenkyo Ethics
YAMAUCHI, Kiyoshi Politics and Economy
SAITO, Kazuhisa History