Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

_Chemical industry by consuming large amounts of energy (oil, coal and others) has produced chemical products which are indispensable to our daily lives like plastics, fi bers, gum, medical supplies, agricultural chemicals and so on. But in the future, the focus of chemical products needs to be changed into the substances of high-level functions such as : water-absorbing resin which absorbs several hundred times its volume (used in paper diapers), resin which changes color according with varying temperatures (used in skiwear), or ceramic which has zero resistance at room temperature (used in linear-motor cars). In addition, if we apply some biochemical reactions to ordinary chemical processes so as to prevent the warming of the earth or the environmental pollution, then chemical industry is expected to be in harmony with the earth.
_The “Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering” considers material chemistry and biotechnology to be the fundamentals of 21st century’s high-technology and aims at training engineers who have studied these fundamentals and can keep up with the new technologies. For this reason, our department adopts the 2 course system : the Material Engineering Course in which students study the technologies to develop and produce new materials, and the Biotechnolog y Course in which they study the basic applied technologies related to biotechnology.
_Students can select either course according to their aptitude and desire in the 4th year. Besides, emphasis is placed on laboratory work, and above all,on a graduation research project. In this
research, under the system of one theme per student, one professor gives instructions to his 4 or 5 students and they can obtain the knowledge and intuition needed to be chemical engineers.


Subjects Credits Credits by Year
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Information Processing 1 1
Practice on Information Processing 2 1 1
Practice on Computer 1 1
Applied Mathematics 4 4
Advanced Physics 4 2 2
Introduction to Material Engineering 1 1
Advanced Material Engineering 1 1
Exercises in Elementary Chemistry 2 2
Physical Chemistry 4 2 2
Analytical Chemistry 2 2
Instrumental Analysis 2 2
Inorganic Chemistry 4 2 2
Organic Chemistry 4 2 2
Biological Chemistry 2 2
Basic Biology 2 2
Chemical Reaction Engineering 1 1
Environment and Energy 1 1
Technical English 2 1 1
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering 1 1
Introduction to Electrical Engineering 1 1
Materials Chemistry 2 2
Chemical Engineering 3 1 2
Introduction to Industrial Chemistry I 1 1
Introduction to Industrial Chemistry II 1 1
Experiments on Material Chemistry 10 3 5 2
Materials Engineering Seminar 1 1
Practice on Materials Engineering 1 1
Graduation Research 12 12
Creating Practice 1 1
Materials Engineering Seminar 1 1
Reading Technical Paper in English and Practice in Presentation 1 1
Credits Required 76 5 8 16 28 19
Electro Chemistry 2 2
Inorganic Material Chemistry 2 2
Theory of Organic Reaction 2 2
Instrumentation and Automatic Control 2 2
Experiments on Material Engineering 1 1
Credits Required 9 5 4
Basic Biotechnology 2 2
Bio-physical Chemistry 2 2
Biotechnology 2 2
Molecular Biology 2 2
Experiments for Bio-engineering 1 1
Credits Required 9 5 4
Complex and Organometallic Chemistry 1 1
Organic Material Chemistry 1
Semiconductor Engineering 1 (1) (1)
Introduction to Pharmacy 1
Credits Required 1~ (1) 1~
Total Credits Required 86~ 5 8 16 33~ 24~


Teaching Staff and Specialties

Name Title Degree Specialties
IIJIMA, Masao Professor D. Eng. Bioorganic Chemistry
SATO, Takaya Professor D. Eng. Functional Polymer Chemistry, Material Chemistry
SEGAWA, Toru Professor D. Sc. Organic Chemistry, Organic Photochemistry
TOSHIMA, Shigero Professor D. Eng. Electrochemistry
SATO, Tsukasa Associate Professor D. Eng. Polymer Chemistry
MINAMI, Atsushi Associate Professor D. Sc. Molecular Physiology of Plant Cells
MORINAGA, Takashi Associate Professor D. Eng. Polymer Chemistry, Material Chemistry
KAMIJO, Toshio Associate Professor D. Sc. Analytical Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Material Science
ABE, Tatsuo Assistant Professor D. Eng. Environmental Chemistry, Biological Chemistry
MATSUURA, Yumiko Assistant Professor D. Sc. Inorganic Chemistry, Catalytic Chemistry
ITO, Shigeharu Assistant Professor D. Eng. Inorganic Chemistry, Crystal Chemistry
ARAFUNE, Hiroyuki Assistant Professor D. Sc. Analytical Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Material Science
SHOMURA, Ryo Assistant Professor D. Eng. Organic Chemistry, Material Chemistry
KUBO, Kyoko Assistant Professor D. rer. nat. Microbial Ecology, Environmental Microbiology
AWANO, Sachio Part-time Professor B. Sc. Inorganic Chemistry


Part-time Lecturer

Name Subjects
SASANUMA, Tsuneo Molecular Biology
KOTANI, Takashi Earth Eco-Science
SUZUKI, Toru Information Processing
SATO, Kenji Introduction to Electrical Engineering
KAKU, Nobuo Biotechnology
TOMA, Teruo
OKU, Shinya
Semiconductor Engineering