Technology Center


_“Acting as intermediary between our community and our college” This is the task of the Technology Center. Our college has 814 and 50 students in Faculty and in Advanced Engineering Course, respectively, with a staff of 107 teaching and administrative members. It is appointed with educational and research equipments. We provide the community with both intellectual and material resources so that we can contribute to the industrial development of our community. Moreover, we serve as a liaison in order to make good use of various supports from the community for the improvement of our education and research. A current comes back to its source creating a ripple. We are a pipeline between our community and our college for the sake of prosperity of the both.

Cooperative Activities

_Activities in the Center are divided into four fields : research, exchange of academic information, coordination and technological education.
_As for research, we conduct joint and cooperative research with, and commissioned study by local selfgoverning bodies and companies, and cooperate in technological counseling and investigation.
_As for exchange of academic information, we sponsor forums, seminar and lectures in cooperation with companies and universities. Each staff member cooperates in exchange of academic information and bibliographical investigation in his own special field of study.
_As for technological education, each of the staff participates in open lectures and guidance seminars.

Satellite Laboratories

_A Satellite Laboratory of Tsuruoka NCT Technical Support Center was established in Tsuruoka Metabolome Campus in April, 2012.
_It carries out cooperative research with Keio University Life Sciences Institute and the local venture companies, and also research activities of “Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Project”, which 6 Tohoku NCTs collaborate on. In addition, with an industry-university cooperation coordinator stationed permanently in here, it plays the role of the gate to technology consultation and cooperative activities with companies.
_Additionally, one of our associate professors has been dispatched to National Institute for Materials Science in Tsukuba, Ibaraki-ken since a satellite lab was established there in April, 2012.
_By unification of the material technology of Tsuruoka NCT and the measurement / analysis / simulation technology of NIMS, the research and development of all solid type pigment sensitization solar battery of the next generation are conducted there.

CO-OP Education Promotion Office

_The CO-OP Education Promotion Office was established for the purpose of training engineers who can create new technological developments (innovations) by letting students have working experiences on site.
_The CO-OP education of our school conducts on-the-job experiences in companies that specialize in particular fields during long
vacations in the third and higher grades by keeping the originality of Kosen’s 5-year consecutive education that places a high value on performing professional training.
_It is aimed at improving practical abilities, such as communication ability / basic technology / problem solution ability, while improving work operation skill step by step, that would result from students’ repeated experiences in the field. With the cooperation of local companies, 48 students participated in study tours, and one student took part in on-the-job-training last year.