Student Support Center

_The main purpose of this center is to provide comprehensive support to all faculty, staff and students with respect to their health, daily lives, thereby fostering their education and research. The Center is composed of 3 rooms.
_[Counseling Room] We provide psychological counseling with counselors, general counseling with advisors in the Counseling Room.
_[Carrier Support Room] Carrier advisors are available for consultation about advancement into the next stage of higher education and employment.
_[Health Care Room] We offer staff and students support with both mental and physical aspects of their lives.

Services of both offices

Services Time Staff
· To foster optimal personal growth and individual and group effectiveness, such as academic problems, mental issues, and sexual harassment problems.
· To offer effective service regarding student counseling and in-service counseling program.
Part time counsellors
(Clinical Psychologist)
15:00~17:00 Wednesdays
School Counselors
(Domestic staff)