Introduction of Teachers’ Researches by Department


Mixing Engineering/Management of Technology Koji TAKAHASHI


Center for Fundamental Education

The singular fibers of pencils of curves, The application of modern mathematics Kazuhiro UEMATSU
Combinatorial Theory Hiroshi SATO
Research for active fault. Hiroshi SAWA
Instruction by game analysis and the data utilization Koji HONMA
Professor(B.Sport Sc.)
L2 Pronunciation Development in Form-Focused Instruction Hideki ABE
Associate Professor(Ph.D.)
Women’s career Development Yuko USUBA
Associate professor(M.BA.)
It corresponds to the theme of the following happily. Kenichiro KADA
Associate Professor(M.A.)
Study of English verbal polysemy Eiichiro TANABE
Associate Professor(M.Ed.)
Research on The Novel Functional Organic Materials Ryo SHOMURA
Special Contract Professor(D.Eng )
English Literature, Poetry, and England in the 17th Century Tomoshiro KANNO
Geometry of Riemannian symmetric spaces Taro KIMURA
Finite Groups Fuminori TASAKA
Field crossing ability education through physical education and practice in engineering education Shota MATSUHASHI
Assistant Professor(M.CS.SS.)
Research of Japanese classic literature Miho MORIKI
Assistant Professor(M.A.)

Course of Mechanical Engineering

Strength evaluation and displacement measurement of machine elements Tomoya MASUYAMA
Application technology of renewable energy Hajime MOTOHASHI
Development of low frictional coating materials using ionic liquids Hiroyuki ARAFUNE
Associate professor
Fabrication of Ultra Super Heart Resistant Material in the Next Generation Yukinori IKARASHI
Associate Professor(M.Eng.)
Development of welfare devices and systems for improving the quality of life Ryoji ONODERA
Associate Professor(D.Eng.)
Development of the Low-Backlash Mechanisms of a robot Hiroyuki SASAKI
Associate Professor(D.Sc.Tech.)
We make the program which is helpful to people. Manabu TAKEMURA
Associate Professor(M.Eng.)
Development of the vacuum pump which operates in an extensive pressure range Masuhisa YABUKI
Associate Professor(D.Eng.)
Sensing of Living Cells’Mechanical Behavior Ken-ichi KONNO
Assistant Professor(D.Eng.)
R&D about Tribology of The High Strength Gels Masato WADA
Assistant Professor(D.Eng.)


Course of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Development of Oxide Thin Films for Electronic Device Applications Kiyoshi UCHIYAMA
Study on Combination of ICT to Agriculture and Safety power supply Kazuya KANDA
Education and Research of Embedded System Jun SATO
The development of compact wind power generation system with  windbreak function. Atsushi TAKAHASHI
R&D of atmospheric-pressure μplasma source and its application to material processing Hiroyuki YOSHIKI
Theoretical and Computational Study of Functionalities of Solids Hiromasa OHNISHI
Associate Professor(D.Sc.)
Dependable design of modern LSI Kentaro KATO
Associate Professor(D.Eng.)
Studies on Signal Processing with Independent Component Analysis. Yoshihiro TAKEICHI
Associate Professor(D.Eng.)
Lightning Surge Analysis using Finite-Difference Time-Domain(FDTD)Method Tran Huu Thang
Associate Professor(D.Eng.)
Production and Property of Functional Thin Films Takeshi HOGA
Associate Professor(D.Eng.)
Wireless power feed system with an electromagnetic resonance field Shinichiro HOSHINA
Associate Professor(D.Eng.)
Development of environmental harmless thin film solar cell and novel structure of solar cell Katsuhiko MORIYA
Associate Professor(D.Eng.)
Molecular beam study of Chlorine adsorption at alkali covered Si(100) surface Masaru TANAKA
Special Contract Professor(M.Eng.)


Course of Information Systems Engineering

Network and application of ICT technology Salahuddin Muhammad Salim Zabir
Application and Recycling of Agricultural By-Products of Natural Origin Michiaki SHISHIDO
Professor(D.Eng./Professional Eng.)
Study of diagonosis by sound and vibration Kensaku YANAGIMOTO
Development of Robust and Flexible Software Keiichi YOSHIZUMI
Study on diagnosis by sound signal processing and applications of particle filter Seiji WATANABE
Study on Electro Magnetic Compatibility and Its Applications Hiroki ANZAI
Associate Professor(D.Eng.)
Molecular Simulation Katsuhiko NISHIYAMA
Associate Professor(Ph.D.)
Electronic and optical measurements & Terahertz Spectroscopy for
functional materials
Associate Professor(Ph.D.)
Driving Safety Support and Navigation for Mobile Object, and Environmental Information Monitoring Jeyeon KIM
Assistant Professor(Ph.D.)
Interdisciplinary Research
- Engineering, Information science and Medicine -
Assistant Professor(Ph.D.)
Study of device and handling of information for IoT society Sou TAKAHASHI
Special Contract Assistant Professor(Ph.D.)


Course of Chemistry and Biology

Silk protein-Cyclodextrin conjugates Masao IIJIMA
Development of novel polymer electrolyte and low friction surfaces. Takaya SATO
Research of Photoreactive Polymers Toru SEGAWA
Corrosion Engineering, Surface Finishing and Evaluation of Bovine Embryos Shigero TOSHIMA
Development of a new functional materials Toshio KAMIJO
Associate Professor(D.Sc.)
Functional analysis of plant growth promoting bacteria Natsumi SAITO
Associate Professor(D.Phar.)
Development and Application of Biomass Resources in Local Area Tsukasa SATO
Associate Professor(D.Eng.)
Molecular Mechanism of Plant Development Atsushi MINAMI
Associate Professor(D.Sc.)
Fabrication of popymer / inorganic hybrids by living radical polymerization Takashi MORINAGA
Associate Professor(D.Eng.)
Fabrication of porous polymeric materials “Monoliths” Hideki KAGATA
Special Contract Professor(D.Env.Earth.Sc. )
Synthesis Technique of the Powder by Aerosol Process Takayuki KODERA
Special Contract Professor(D.Eng. )
Chemical Safety and Environmental Chemistry Tatsuo ABE
Assistant Professor(D.Eng.)
Synthesize of new functional ceramics and characterization of electrical properties Shigeharu ITO
Assistant Professor(D.Eng.)
Microbiological material cycling in natural environments Kyoko KUBO
Assistant professor(Dr.rer.nat.)
Development of the reaction process to convert biomass into useful compound Yumiko MATSUURA
Assistant Professor(D.Sc.)


Technical Support Center

On Blended Learning using Learning Management System (LMS). Toru SUZUKI
Chief Engineer(BE)
Environmental analysis and metal analysis Shinko ITO
Associate Chief of Engineering
Model making for 3D printers Akihiro ENTA
Technical staff
Examination of the cutting condition in various materials Daisuke SATO
Technical staff
Preparation and Characterization of Supported Silver Catalysts Tomohiro YAHAGI
Technical Assistant
Development of Teaching Materials about Electric Circuit and High Frequency Engineering Hirokazu ICHIJO
Technical Assistant
System production and Education support using Renewable energy and SBC Kentaro ENDO
Technical Assistant
Vibration measurement of micro fan with Fluctuation mechanism Hideto KIMURA
Technical staff
Motion analysis of lower limbs during Kendo swinging Daisuke SUZUKI
Technical Experts(BE)